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Are you having difficulties putting your children to sleep? Are they often distracted? Would they prefer watching TV or playing computer games to dozing off for a much needed sleep?You still have your last resort: the lure of children’s bedtime stories. Most children can’t resist the excitement of curling under their blankets to listen to the adventures of their favorite storybook characters.Below is a list of the top ten most famous children’s stories you can use to put your kids to bed.

famous stories children
Top 10: The Boy Who Cried Wolf

They say that kids don’t lie but they do. children tell lies and sometimes do all they can just to get what they want. In this case, try telling your child Aesop’ fable of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.”Also known as “The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf,” this fable revolves around a bored shepherd boy who amuses himself by calling out “wolf,” prompting nearby villagers to come to his rescue. When they found out that it was just a false alarm every time, they stopped believing what the boy said. One day, a wolf really came and the boy cried again for help. This time, nobody came. He and his flock were eaten by the vicious creature.Lesson for the little ones: Always tell the truth.

famous stories children
Top 9: The Ugly Duckling

This story stresses the importance of loving yourself and the finding your rightful place under the sun. “The Ugly Duckling” is about a duckling ostracized by his fellow fowl because of its unlikable physical appearance. To the surprise of others, it grows into a beautiful swan.The story stresses the importance of appreciating inner beauty and talents, rather than mere physical appearance.Lesson for the little ones: Love and appreciate your true self.Top 8: The Ant and the GrasshopperYou’ve heard it so many times now: “Mom, can I have an allowance increase?” Before you stare at your child in disbelief, why not try teaching him a thing or two about saving money.“The Ant and the Grasshopper” tale is a perfect literary piece to share with your little ones, if you wish to teach them lessons about wise spending.
According to this tale, the grasshopper loves to have fun, use up all that it has, and enjoy life lavishly. On the other hand, the ant is hardworking and thrifty. One day, while the ant was delivering corn he was able to collect, the grasshopper asked to join its merrymaking. The ant refused and proceeded to collect more corn. Then came winter and as expected, the grasshopper died of cold and hunger, while the ant survived the season because it was prepared.Lesson for the little ones: Save now and prepare for the future.

famous stories children
Top 7: The Hare and the Tortoise
Children usually dream of becoming somebody famous and powerful. They often want to be like their favorite superhero, cartoon character, or celebrity. It seems almost inevitable that they compare themselves to others.famous stories children
The Tortoise won

While you want your children to strive for greatness, you do not want them to be boastful in their competition with other. The story of “The Hare and the Tortoise” can teach them a positive lesson.The story is about a tortoise and a hare that have an argument about who is faster. They decide to settle the issue by setting a race. As expected, the hare gets off to a thunderous start. After seeing that it is way ahead of the tortoise, the hare sits under a tree and takes a nap. While the hare sleeps, the tortoise slowly but surely gains ground. The tortoise finishes the race first, much to the surprise of the hare.Lesson for the little ones: Be humble.

Top 6: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfsfamous stories children
Walt Disneys

This story is about a beautiful lady named Snow White. She comes to live with seven hardworking dwarfs after escaping a life of misery under the jealous Queen who wants her killed. However, the evil Queen is persistent; she disguises herself as an old lady and offers Snow White a poisonous apple.Snow White takes a bite and instantly falls unconscious. When her little friends return, they chase the evil Queen to the mountains. A bolt of lightning strikes the place where she stands and causes her to fall off the mountain.Meanwhile, the dwarfs place the seemingly dead Snow White into a glass coffin with gold trimming. Luckily, a prince comes to her rescue and “love’s first kiss” awakens Snow White. Just as in most fairy tale endings, they live happily ever after.Lesson for the little ones: Good fortune comes to those who are kind-hearted.Top 5: CinderellaAnother classic fairy tale is “Cinderella.”Cinderella lives with her evil stepsisters and stepmother. All they ask her to do is to clean the house and serve them. One day, the prince comes and organizes a ball. Cinderella, who has nothing to wear at first,
Cinderella and her fairy Godmother

is still able to attend because of the help of her fairy godmother. She has a ball gown, carriage, and newfound friends. The twist of the story is the curfew set at 12 midnight.Once the clock hits 12 midnight, she becomes her old poor ratty self. That night she is able to meet the prince, who has fallen in love with her. As she is in a hurry to beat her curfew, she leaves one of her glass slippers.The prince then visits everyone young woman in town to find the owner of the shoes. The two find each other again, making it another successful love story.Lesson for the little ones: Treat your family members well.The transformation of Cinderella from a dull and drab maidservant into an spectacular princess with her ice-blue beaded ball gown with matching white gloves, ice-blue headband and earrings is one of the best reasons why she is also one of the T.

famous stories children
Top 4: Jack and the Beanstalk
Children will definitely love this story as it challenges their imagination. Never have they seen a beanstalk that can grow high enough to reach the skies.
The Giant Ogre

The character of the ogre with a gold harp and a chicken that lays golden eggs also bolster the imagination. These vivid and fancy images can surely stimulate the inquiring mind of your child.This story is about Jack who exchanges his cow for five seeds that grow to become a tall stalk. To his amazement, this actually leads to a kingdom where an ogre lives. In this ogre’s house is a golden harp and a chicken who can lay golden eggs. Jack discreetly enters his house and steals these riches. Luckily, he is able to escape and cut the beanstalk to prevent the ogre from following him.Lesson for the little ones: Great deals may have a catch.

famous stories children
Top 3: Pinocchio
Popularized by Walt Disney, the story is about Geppetto, a kind old man who creats a puppet from wood. He names his masterpiece, “Pinocchio” and treats him like a son.famous stories children
Pinocchio Jiminy Cricket and Figaro

In order for Pinocchio to become fully human, he must prove first that he is a brave and truthful boy. However, instead of doing the right thing like attending school, he opts to travel, tell lies and join a puppet show. When he discovered that a whale has swallowed his father, he goes into the sea and risks his life to save his father. This selfless act makes him worthy of becoming a real human being.So the next time you suspect your child is lying, remind him of Pinocchio and see if he touches his nose.Lesson for the little ones: Don’t lie!

famous stories children
Top 2: Three Little Pigs
The story of “The Three Little Pigs” is a story of ingenuity and cooperation in the face of danger. Many children love stories centered on conquests and winning over one’s enemies. Thus, they will surely love to hear how the white, brown and black pigs win over the big bad wolf.
The Three Litte Pigs Singing

To escape the danger brought on by the hungry wolf, the three little pigs use the houses they built as refuge. Built by the white pig, the first one is made of straw. It is easily destroyed by the beast much like the next house made of sticks that was built by the brown pig. The third house, made of bricks, is their best refuge. The wolf can’t blow down the house no matter hard he tries. What he does next is to get inside the house through the chimney.The pigs light the fireplace. When the wolf falls, he falls directly into the flames. Thanks to the quick minds and alertness of the pigs, they are able to escape from the clutches of the wolf.Lesson for the little ones: If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.

famous stories children
Top 1: Little Red Riding Hood
On the woods

Little Red Riding Hood has always been a part of children’s storybooks because of the cunning character of the wolf that eats her and her grandmother.Little Red Riding Hood is asked by her mother to deliver food to her sick grandmother who lives in the Woods. Along the way, she meets a wolf who asks a lot of information about her and where she’s going. Unaware of the dangers, she tells the wolf about her grandmother. As she stops by the road to pick some flowers, the wolf goes to the old lady’s house and eats her.Little Red Riding Hood is then surprised to see her grandmother with big eyes, big hands, and big mouth. The wolf tricks the girl and eats her up. Fortunately, a hunter passes by and hears the commotion. He shoots the wolf and saves both the girl and the old lady from the wolf.Lesson for the little ones: Don’t trust strangers.These stories can stimulate your child’s creative minds, teach them lessons they will need in life, as well as make them happy and contented before they sleep. Happy reading!

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