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A dictionary of Terms of declension and Structure

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معجم مصطلحات الأعراب و البناء في قـواعد العربية العالمية

The notion of the universality of Arabic grammar first occurred to me during the composition of my first book : «A dictionary of Arabic Grammar in Charts and Tables». That dictionary is an Arabic grammar written by an Arab author for an Arab reader according to a scientific arrangement of the matter to be taught.

The obvious next step was to lead the foreign reader to an analogous cultural experience.

The clarity, lucidity, and precision of the Arabic language certainly give its morphology and syntax a right to universality, provided that the sources of the terminology and the intention of the grammarian are not lost in the transfer from one language to another. Universality, as understood in this book, aims to extend Arabic grammatical nomenclature to all languages and all men.

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A Dictionary of Terms Declension and Structure declension dictionary structure