The strategy of developing lovely and Attr****** environment of the Target Language
This strategy came from the fact that people love to learn things they love. Therefore, it is important to guide learners to develop the rapport between them and the Target language through immersing themselves in the beauty of the Target language and its culture. Fortunately, Arabic language is a treasure of beautiful arts and that attract people to learn it. Arabic calligraphy, Arabic music, recitation of Qura’an, Arabic poetry, and Arabic rhetoric are very Attr****** arts that charm learners. ASAK textbooks apply this strategy effectively. Each textbook contains several activities that require the learners to perform outside the classroom. These activities are well designed and structured in order to be appropriate to the learners’ levels. Therefore beginner learners for example write alphabet and new vocabulary on cards to paste them on the walls of their rooms. So, that helps them acquire the new vocabulary and stick in their minds. They are recommended to get some Arabic games and software of vocabulary drills in their mobiles, and computers such as Euro talk programs so they learn vocabulary and structures through games and drills. When they move to the Intermediate levels, learners can get simple songs, anthems, Qura’an recitations, cartoons to listen and watch, and thus they break the official process of learning in the classroom. Through the advanced levels, learners are advised to get Arabic TV channels to watch the news, forecasts, interviews, films, …etc. even though they can’t understand most of it. Advanced learners can watch comic programs presented in various Arabic dialects, so they are introduced to the variations of the Target language. They can browse the net to search for information in the Target language in different fields for real purposes. Thus they learn and use Arabic as natives for life. To conclude, it is crucial for Arabic learners to live the spirit of the language, and it is important for the teachers to be aware of this strategy, so they guide the learners when and how to benefit from this strategy.

The Strategy of Developing Lovely and Attr****** Environment the Target Language asaktextbook strategies attractive developing environment language learning strategies lovely strategy