The importance of ICT in learning a foreign language
Foreign language teachers and learners can't avoid using Information Communication Technologies in their life in general and the learning process in particular and they need to enhance their internet & computer literacy to enjoy the benefits and advantages of ICT that expand access to language programs and improve the quality of teaching and learning. Through ICT, language learners can:
- redraft their writing to improve its accuracy and presentation,
- access authentic materials in the target language such as handwritten texts, newspapers, magazines, books, video, satellite television, texts from the Internet,
- enable learners to live the target language and use it through social media devices such as email, sms, forums, facebook, …
- use the internet to access authentic materials from the target language, participate in virtual environments and be envolved in open discussions in the target language with locals, and access multimedia environments. This multimedia environments can enhance learning in different locations, enable students to learn at their pace, connect learners to experienced teachers in other locations, and save a lot of costs and time.
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