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Thread: Dictionaries and Glossaries Links

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    Default Dictionaries and Glossaries Links

    Links for Arabic dictionaries and Glossaries

    2a. http://dictionary.sakhr.com/
    (Arabic-English, English-Arabic)
    2b. http://www.babylon.com/dictionary/59...English-Arabic
    2c. http://www.babylon.com/dictionary/46...b2English.html
    2d. http://www.babylon.com/dictionary/44...ictionary.html
    2e. http://www.dictionaric.com/dico%20ar...de%20garde.htm
    2f. http://www.alburaq.net/dictionary1/transform.cfm
    2g. http://www-old.ectaco.com/online/diction.php3?lang=3
    (Arabic-English, English-Arabic)
    2h. http://www.studyquran.co.uk/LLhome.htm
    (Lane's Arabic-English lexicon; entire dictionary available for free download)
    2i. http://www.easy-forex.com/ar/Forex.Dictionary.aspx
    (English-Arabic dictionary for commerce & stock market terminology)
    2j. http://www.lessan.org/web/all.jsp
    (Arabic<>German, Arabic<>English, Arabic<>Spanish)
    2k. http://www.mpm.gov.ma/documentation/...e_maritime.htm
    (French-Arabic glossary of maritime terminology)
    2l. http://www.translationdirectory.com/...lossary019.htm
    (English-Arabic finance glossary)
    2m. http://www.saccourt.com/geninfo/lega...l_Glossary.pdf
    (English-Arabic legal glossary)
    2n. http://www.arabsun.de/dictionary.php
    (Arabic-English-German, all directions; German interface)
    2o. http://www.pjk.de/ol/dictionary/engl...bic/index.html
    2p. http://www.emro.who.int/umd/
    (medical glossary, Arabic-English-French-German)
    2q. http://www.arablish.com/glossaries/food/food-a.htm
    (English-Arabic food glossary)
    2r. http://www.click4clinic.com/modules....tter&fletter=A
    (medical glossary, both directions)
    2s. http://www.babylon.com/dictionary/49...sh-Arabic.html
    (medical glossary, English-Arabic)
    2t. http://www.babylon.com/dictionary/49...ictionary.html
    (dentristry glossary, English-Arabic)
    2u. http://www.babylon.com/dictionary/50...-Glossary.html
    (economic glossary, English-Arabic)
    2v. http://www.babylon.com/dictionary/96...-Glossary.html
    (glossary of phrases and rare words, English-Arabic)
    2w. http://www.babylon.com/dictionary/55...ing-Terms.html
    (glossary of auditing terms, English-Arabic)
    2x. http://www.baheth.info/index.jsp (Arabic-Arabic dictionaries)
    2y. http://www.pcopti.com/
    (financial glossary: English-French-Arabic or French-English-Arabic, with explanations in Arabic of the Arabic translations)
    2z. http://web.ifac.org/download/translation_db_file_01.pdf
    (glossary of auditing terms, English-Arabic)
    2aa. http://www.arabization.org.ma/Dictionnaire.asp
    (Arabic-French-English, glossary of field-specific terms, searchable, Arabic interface)
    2bb. http://unterm.un.org/dgaacs/arabterm.nsf
    (UN terminology; English-Arabic-French-Spanish)
    2cc. http://www.arabdictionary.huji.ac.il/
    (Arabic-Hebrew, both directions)
    2dd. http://www.dictionarybay.com/en_ar.aspx (Arabic-English, both directions, with specialized dictionaries).
    2ee. http://en.mo3jam.com/ (user-generated dictionary of colloquial Arabic; interface in English and Arabic).
    2ff. http://lexicons.sakhr.com/ (Arabic-Arabic lexicons)

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    Dictionaries and Glossaries Links dictionaries glossaries links

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    Default Re: Dictionaries and Glossaries Links

    3a. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arabic_alphabet
    (about the Arabic alphabet)
    3b. http://www.sakkal.com/ArtArabicCalligraphy.html
    (about calligraphy)
    3c. http://www.webarabic.com/portail/app...noms/index.php
    (transliteration of some names into Arabic [French site])
    3d. http://www.al-islam.com/key.htm

    (If you do not have Arabic typing capabilities on your computer you can type the Arabic word[s] out here and copy and paste them onto the forum)
    3e. http://fsi-language-courses.com/Cour...g%20System.pdf
    (Foreign Service Institute's course on the writing system of Classical Arabic. Warning: Some words are incorrectly spelled with a ء)
    3f. http://www.muftah-alhuruf.com/email.html
    (Use this virtual keyboard to compose e-mails or other documents in Arabic. It even types Arabic numbers!)
    3g. http://www.lexilogos.com/clavier/araby.htm
    (another virtual keyboard)
    3h. http://www.yamli.com/ar/
    (Great transliteration tool from Latin alphabet into Arabic)
    3i. http://www.google.com/ta3reeb
    (Another transliteration tool between Latin and Arabic alphabet)

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    Default Re: Dictionaries and Glossaries Links

    4a. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arabic_grammar
    (summary of Arabic grammar)
    4b. http://home.unilang.org/main/wiki2/i...Verb_Reference
    (Arabic verb stem patterns and basic conjugation)
    4c. http://www.dalilusa.com/Arabic_Cours...ic_grammar.asp
    (Arabic grammatical terminology)
    4d. http://www.multimediaquran.com/quran...ames/index.htm
    (Arabic verb conjugations)
    4e. http://www.mtholyoke.edu/courses/mji...mar%20Book.doc
    (mini-grammar book)
    4f. http://acon.baykal.be/
    (free verb conjugator!)
    4g. http://www.grammatiken.de/arabische-grammatik/
    (arabische Grammatik im ـberblick - auf Deutsch/in German)
    4h. http://www.reefnet.gov.sy/Arabic_Pro...ency_Index.htm
    (Grammatical tips and rules concerning correct writing in Arabic)
    4i. http://www.reefnet.gov.sy/education/kafaf/index.html
    (various grammatical explanations in Arabic - with explanations of how to use many Arabic particles)
    4j. http://arabic.tripod.com/ (various grammatical explanations - as well as vocabulary lists, information on the history of Arabic, and more)
    4k. http://arabic.desert-sky.net/g_conj.html (Conjugation of verbs in MSA and Egyptian)
    4l. http://wahiduddin.net/words/arabic_glossary.htm (Arabic word roots)

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