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Thread: Arabic Resources: Media Links

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    Default Arabic Resources: Media Links

    10a. http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/arabic/news/
    (BBC - news in Arabic)
    10b. mms://
    (Omani radio)
    10c. http://english.aljazeera.net/HomePage
    (Al-Jazeera in English)
    10d. http://www.arabicnews.com/
    (News from the Arab world)
    10e. http://www.podcast.net/cat/90
    (Downloadable music and news; can be played directly)
    10f. http://arabic-media.com/arabicnews.htm
    (Online newspapers from different Arab countries)
    10g. http://www.rmc-mo.com/ar/
    (Radio Monte Carlo; Arabic-speaking radio with news and entertainement, broadcast from Paris. Interesting for those wishing to listen to different arabic dialects)
    10h. http://www.sis.gov.eg/Ar/Default.htm
    (Egyptian radio and television station)
    10i. http://www.alarabiya.net/aatv.aspx
    (Arabic news channel from Dubai)
    10j. http://www.tunisiatv.com/index1.html
    (Tunisian TV. Click "Direct" on the left. Broadcasts in MSA and Tunisian Arabic)
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    Arabic Resources: Media Links arabic links media resources

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    Default Arabic Resources: About Arabic

    11a. http://www.infoplease.com/ce6/society/A0804477.html
    (about the Arabic language – general)
    11b. http://www.pacificarabic.com/resources/diglossia.shtml
    (about Arabic diglossia)
    11c. http://www.pacificarabic.com/resources/whystudy.shtml
    (“Why study Arabic?”)
    11d. http://www.alhewar.net/Basket/Habeeb...h_Language.htm
    (about Arabic influences on the Spanish language)
    11e. http://www.chj.de/index.html
    (about the Arabic language, its writing system, and more - site in German)
    11f. http://arabworld.nitle.org/introduction.php?module_id=1
    (about Arabic - general)
    11g. http://semitistik.uni-hd.de/seeger/e.../ramalla_e.htm
    (about the Arabic dialect of central Palestine - with recordings)
    11h. http://arabicgems.wordpress.com/
    (various fascinating aspects of the Arabic language)
    11i. http://www.yabeyrouth.com/pages/index2849.htm
    (articles about Arabic, poetic wonders, lists of common errors, and more)
    11j. http://www.wm.edu/aata/arabic.php
    (about the Arabic language, with demonstrations of how to write the letters)
    11k. http://arabic.desert-sky.net/faq.html
    (Arabic FAQ's)



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