Al-Mawsim al-Arabi (The arabic Season) المــوســم العربـي
مستوى الشهادة العــامة للتعليم ـ القسم الأولي ـ

A textbook for Advanced Subsidiary (AS)

Chapter 1: Grammar and the addition of short vowels/diacritical marks

Chapter 2: The other requirements - style, punctuation, handwriting and planning the writing pieces
Chapter 3: Translating (Arabic-to-English), including the differences between the two languages and the difference between literary and meaning-dependent translation with extensive examples
This is the 'topics' part and consists of four chapters: Youth Culture and Concerns, Lifestyle: Health and Fitness, The world around us: travel, tourism, environmental issues and Education and Employment.
Each chapter consists of:
A number (10-15) of 2-page spreads, prepared according to the new AS specification. Each spread consists of roughly one and a quarter page containing one or more pieces, and the rest for vocabulary and exercises. (Total 47 spreads). Answers to the exercises are on the back of each chapter.

Two examination-style tests, at the end of the book, with answers.
No. of pages and format: 204, A4



Al-Mawsim al-Arabi (The Arabic Season) hglJJ,sJJl hguvfJd alarabi almawsim arabic hglJJ,sJJl hguvfJd season