Language games for learning arabic — by Amal al Ayoubi

Introduction – why use games?

There are several reasons for using games in the language classroom and for providing examples of games here.

Language games can provide learners with useful language practice in a relaxed and enjoyable way.
They can help improve classroom atmosphere and dynamics by encouraging peer support and interaction.
Many coursebooks do not provide this type of practice material.
Language games are flexible and can be used at almost any time in a lesson.
Games can be used for both accuracy-based work and fluency-based work.
Games can be long or short depending on the time available.
Six language games are described in this downloadable document in Word format and PDF format. The files contain text in English and in Arabic.
Introduction – why use games?
The Auction Game
Find someone who …
The Noughts and Crosses Game
Catch Phrase
Split Sentences
Crime Investigation
Write a Story

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